Can I join?

YES! Email us for info or come to a practice to try it out.  We're always welcoming new skaters, refs, and NSOs.


Does it cost money?

You can come skate for a few practice at no cost but soon you'll fall in love with the sport and want to join as a member.  At that point you will be required to purchase equipment, pay yearly insurance dues of $50 and monthly member dues of $30.

The gear is then yours to keep.  The insurance protects you in case of injury and the member dues help pay for rental of the practice space, uniforms, event posters, etc.


Do I need experience?  What if I can't skate?

No experience required!!  If you can't skate, you just need some determination.  About half our team could hardly stand on 8 wheels when they started out!  Our training team is super friendly and willing to help teach you everything you need to know!

However, prior to playing in a bout or a scrimmage, skaters must be bench marked.  This is a list of skills such as specific falls, stops, proper hitting, whips, etc that you need to make sure you are able to do to play safe.  We will train you so you can pass with flying colors!


Is it all real?

Yes!  There is nothing fake about it.  The hits are all real but with great gear and an adrenaline rush, you hardly feel a thing!  And the refs do a great job in calling penalties and making sure we play safe.


Is it women only sport?

Our team is currently an all female team however mens and mixed leagues are starting to pop up all over.  Men are welcome to join our league as refs and skate and train with us.  If we were to get enough interest, we would definitely consider playing co-ed bouts too.


What gear is required?  Where do you buy it?

You need a pair of quad skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and a helmet.  Fishnets are optional.

Gear is available at or or many other online stores.  Feel free to pick our brains as to what works best prior to ordering.


What if I can't commit?  I have, job, school, etc.

We don't have an attendance policy to be a member of our league.  Try to come as often as you can and you can bring your kids too! While we currently don't have a junior league we always like to encourage young people to take an interest in roller derby. To play on our travel team, we do have higher expectations of attendance of a majority of practices and participating in fundraising and organizing events.


I want to be involved but I'm not sure I want to be a skater?

We are always accepting not skater rolls for our league too.  Other options include becoming a ref, a non-skating official, or a volunteer who helps organize events, hangs posters, sells tickets, etc.


What is an NSO?

An NSO is a non skating official.  They're all the people in and around the track that aren't the teams or the refs.  They include jobs like penalty box timing, score keeping, penalty tracking, etc.  If you're interested in these jobs, we train for that too!

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